Water Retention Cure

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Water Retention Cure

Looking for a water retention cure? Lets take a quick look at what may be causing the water retention first.Water retention in the body can cause problems and  may be responsible for a lot of extra weight on the scales. It will also cause the appearance of swollen legs, arms and a horrible bloated feeling throughout.There are many people who may be suffering with some form of water retention. To some folks,  it can prove to be more than just a simple nuisance and may even be quite debilitating .So  to be able to get rid of it a find a water retention cure, there are some simple things you may be able to try first.

Are you drinking enough?

Believe it or not, many men and women in the modern world don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. So why is this a problem, especially if you are trying to lose the water retention? The body has many inbuilt survival mechanisms.

 If the body is not too sure when it’s going to the chance to drink any more water, it will naturally start to conserve water the water it already has inside and retain it in fatty deposits and other tissues. This is just the way it copes when it fears there is a shortage of water.

Another main cause of water retention in the body is poor blood circulation. The body is unable to move all the inner fluids around fast enough. It needs to be able to perform this task to get any fluids used, processed and disposed of. If it can not, the fluid starts to become stored as excess. Water retention is then the result.

Water retention may also be caused by a high level of toxins stored in various locations inside the body. This can stop water from being released by the body once it’s been stored. Toxin build up  is the result of processing a poor diet, non natural fluids such as alcohol or the intake of air which is polluted.

For a simple water retention cure?

If there are no major underlying medical reasons for the water retention in the body, a simple water retention cure would be to drink more water. Every day, aim to drink at least 8 normal sized glasses of water. Also, take a supplement to help eliminate any stored toxins in the body.Keep the natural circulation going with the right balance of vitamin C and iron – this is particularly necessary if you naturally suffer from low blood pressure.If you have any doubts, a visit to the doctors for more information on your personal situation would be advised.

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