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Posted by – Another Affiliate Marketing Review Site?- There’s no scarcity of affiliate marketing review sites and I questioned the wisdom and benefit of providing another one.

But in any realm, there are plenty of competing sites.  Yet we have to distinguish between quantity and quality.  Yes, there is a void – a gaping whole in fact – of affiliate sites that actually provide value to the reader, not just to the bottom line of the site webmaster/affiliate.  As such, I thought that I could create a unique selling proposition in the sense that my site visitors would truly gain insight into the products they’re researching.

Here, I don’t want to serve as a pitchman or ‘yes man,’ simply writing all the advantages that a given product may possess.  Of course, when accolades are deserved, I will not hesitate to bestow praise on a product.

However, when I have concerns, I will share them without hesitation.  And in the untoward circumstances where the product does not live up to my expectations, I will let my audience know.  I may receive backlash from the product creator, but ultimately, my allegiance is with my readers.

Here’s what will separate me from the competition:

My reviews will be original– Do you realize that many affiliate reviewers simply cut and paste the verbiage off a product creator’s sales page?  Others just spin and regurgitate content.  This will not happen here.

My reviews will be thoughtful and personal – As mentioned above, I’m not just going to share information that I think you want to hear.  I won’t pull punches when necessary.  If I sugarcoat my impressions and provide a rubberstamp endorsement of every product, my creditability may come into question.

My reviews will reflect my actual experience – I’m not going to review any product on this site that I don’t at least have some rudimentary knowledge on.  I can’t expect you to buy a product if I have not had any exposure to it.

My reviews will be well-written – Too many reviewers just do a slipshod job of writing their points of view.  I’m not looking for brownie points for any expository writing skills.  It’s just going to be easier reading my product reviews than ones that other folks have created.

My reviews will be organized and stick to the main points – I’ll try not to go off on tangents unless there is a point to be made.  You’ll know what any product is all about after reading my review.

My reviews will be conversational – Yes, I’ll try not to bore you too much.  It’s not such a scintillating experience reading reviews so my goal is to avoid lulling you to sleep. I appreciate your allocating time to read my affiliate reviews so the least I can do is to keep you awake and your mind attentive.

Finally, my bonus package will be generous.   Now that said, I’ve seen a handful of affiliates offer 100 plus bonuses and get the commission.

Do you really think you’ll have time to read and review 100+ bonuses?  I know about perceived value but these bonuses are primarily PDF products – most of which, well, are not worth the pages they’re printed on.  Too many PLR videos and plugins lack any quality or sophistication, too.

While I’ll do my best to compete with fake reviewers (told you, I won’t sugarcoat) who offer countless bonuses, please reward reviewers, like myself, who offer thoughtful and honest reviews.

Finally, I always enjoy connecting with fellow affiliates so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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