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Zygor Guides – The Best Way to Level 80 in World of Warcraft-zygor guidesNowadays, there are so many various World of Warcraft leveling guides on the market that it is very difficult to make a decision which to choose. From my point of view, Zygor Guides is the best choice for every wow player, thus I will review these amazing guides and tell you my opinion on the product.

First of all, unlike many other guides, Zygor Guides are completely in-game. This means that there is no need to press CTRL + ALT to see what you should do next. Just follow special dots on your game map and read what you should do next to complete a particular quest and get more EXP. This feature allowed me to seriously increase my leveling speed.

I really like John Cook’s approach to leveling in World of Warcraft. If you do not know, John Cook is a creator of Zygor Guides, he is a professional World of Warcraft player who has been playing the game since it was launched many years ago. The guides are based on his own experience and strategies thus these guides are so effective. His approach is very simple yet effective – questing is the way to highest level, forget about grinding – it is a waste of time.

Actually, Zygor Guides is more than just guides. It is a complex package which also includes a starting guide for each race for all fractions. Zygor added tons of information for each class in the game. It does not matter whether you are a paladin or a mage, you will be able to get to the highest level in no time using the guides.

Some people think that such plugins and guides are against Blizzard TOS. Well, I can say with full confidence that these people have not read TOS at all. Zygor Guides are absolutely legal and you can use these guides without any worries. Let noobs say that it is unethical to use such guides. Their words are nothing when you are at level 80 and they are at level 5.

To be short, this guide has all what you need to get to level 80 in about 7 days of game play. It does not matter whether you are Horde or Alliance, whether you are a mage or a paladin, you will level your character faster than anyone else. So, if you are really serious about getting to level 80 as fast as possible and do not want to waste your time grinding, I strongly recommend you to visit the link below to download Zygor Guides.

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