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Mpow – Bluetooth smartband-The competition on the smartband market is very aggressive and the choice many times is not simple but this Mpow device is proposed as an economic and feature-rich solution.

6.5 / 10 package

The exterior of the package is very nice while inside we find only the bracelet and a charging cable with USB connector.

Build quality 9/10

The bracelet is very pleasing to the eye, the design is minimal with a glass that covers the whole “smart” part.

On the front we find a small screen, with a touch button that has a function similar to the physical button located on the side.

On the back we find the heart rate sensor and the contacts for charging.

The plastic strap is very robust and has an elegant texture, two metal hooks are used for fixing which for sure prevent it from being easily loosened but are all too difficult to fix.

Only one size is included so it is not guaranteed that even those with larger wrists will fit.

Hardware 8/10

It has a 70mAh battery that manages to reach an autonomy of about ½ weeks and is equipped with 4th generation Bluetooth low power, a pedometer, a heartbeat sensor, a vibration motor and an accelerometer to turn on the screen by turning the wrist.

Display 7/10

The screen is not very large and occupies only a small portion of the front but it integrates well with the rest of the device since the difference between the background and the frame is difficult to notice. The display will show the text of the notification with the logo of the app from which it comes, the current time with the date and battery charge, the current heart rate, the steps taken since the beginning of the day, the kilometers traveled and the calories burned.

Software 6.5 / 10

The software is a sore button of this device, the recommended app is called Veryfit and is available both on the Google PlayStore and on the Apple AppStore and can be downloaded directly by scanning the QR-Code on the package.

With the application you can synchronize with the bracelet by displaying the data of the steps divided by day, the heart rate in real time and a graph with the representation of the readings taken automatically during the day, also we also find the graph of the phases sleep.

From the settings you can enable various options including call notifications, setting alarms, alerts on sedentary activity and the alert for when we get too far from the phone.

Unfortunately there are some graphical interface glitches and it is not possible to click some options such as the one for the firmware upgrade. Many improvements could also be made regarding some stylistic choices of the application.

Final mark 7.5 / 10

This Mpow smartband certainly has a great price and can be an excellent choice for many, the hardware part is very good, the same cannot be said for the software part, I think everyone must decide whether to accept this compromise.

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